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The work we make aims to explore exactly what theatre and efficiency can indicate in modern life and are constantly a type of discussion or settlement, something that has to be live. We're interested in making efficiencies that thrill, challenge, question and amuse other individuals. We're interested in confusion along with laughter.

We began collaborating in 1984; in the numerous jobs we've produced ever since we've made lists, played video games, spoken mumbo jumbo, remained quiet, made a mess, dressed up, disrobed, admitted to all of it, juggled techniques, informed jokes, clowned around, played dead, got intoxicated, informed stories and carried out for 6, twelve as well as 24 hours at a stretch.

We've dealt with texts, we've danced and moved, we've repaired things carefully, and we've improvised. We've made major work that ended up being humorous and funny work that ended up being fatal severe, digging deep into theatre and efficiency, considering exactly what those things may be for us and exactly what type of discussion they can open with modern audiences.



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